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Launch your app quickly and seamlessly with the right know-how - launch an amazing app on-time with the help of our guided tutorials, knowledge base articles, onboarding group sessions, and online courses.

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Step 1

Set up your MAZ account and get to know the dashboard. Schedule your first onboarding call. Upload content!

Step 2

Complete all developer account requirements. Wireframe your app experience by creating sections and exploring all MAZ layouts.

Step 3

Design your UI! From custom fonts and icons to onboarding screens and article templates, there is a variety of tools to explore to make sure your app is on brand.

Step 4

Complete the setup of all Channel requirements. Each app store has their own mandatory requirements for app submission.

Step 5

Time to test! Install and test your app on your own devices. Walk through and test your integrations, from subscriber logins to video and display ad integrations.

Step 6

Finalize your app store screenshots and review your app UI and before submitting!

Step 7

The waiting game. Apple, Google, Amazon and Roku will need to review and approve your apps. Rejections are common so be prepared to forward any emails that come your way to the MAZ Success team.

Step 8

Launch! With your app approved by the app stores and out in the wild its time to promote and monetize!

Getting Started

Get an overview of the MAZ dashboard, and start building your app here!

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App Framework & UI Design

Customize Your App; Add Sections, Customize UI Elements & Details.

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Importing, Managing, & Designing Content

Learn how to import, upload, and design all of your app content.

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Developer Account Creation, Access, and Maintenance

Create & maintain a developer account for every app store your app will launch on.

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Monetizing Your App

Guides to the various way to monetize your apps including ads, metering, sponsor screens, and in app purchases.

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Previewing, Testing & Submitting Your Apps

How to preview your apps and generate test builds before going live.

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Publishing to Additional Outputs

All of the platforms to publish your content on.

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